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Painting Trips on a Harley Davidson

So why do I have a web page about a Harley Davidson? Actually, I make frequent plein air trips on my Harley. When I travel and paint on the Harley, I can't decide which is more fun...the trip there, or the painting while there!

Many people ask how I do it, so thought I would add some information on what painting equipment I take. For Harley enthusiasts, click here for information on what accessories I have on my FLHRI Road King.

Basically, I have miniaturized and reduced all my equipment down to fit in the two hard saddlebags on the back of the Harley. Although my primary plein air easel is a Soltek, it won't fit in the side bags and is a little cumbersome to strap on the back of the motorcycle. I don't want anything strapped on the back, hanging off the side, etc.

I purchased an Open Box M Palm box, which fits perfectly in a side bag with room to spare for other items.

After lugging around my fairly expensive and large digital camera, getting it scratched and dinged up, I wanted something a little more portable, I found a great solution in the Philips Wearable Key010. The camera is about the size of a Bic Lighter, has a 2 megapixel lens, and holds about 300 pictures. It is great for hiking, painting, and riding the Harley. I just wear it around my neck at all times. It has a few drawbacks: no LCD to tell what you took, no zoom, and no flash; but for my purpose is great.

Below is a list of equipment I pack in the saddlebags:

  • Open Box M Palm box (paints are stored in the box)
  • Camera Tripod (to hold the Palm Box. Most any tripod will do)
  • Several 6x8 and 8x10 canvas boards (usually RayMar brand)
  • 3-4 Brushes (usually a size 6, 8, & 10 Bright)
  • Shop Towels (I just take enough for the day...not the entire roll)
  • Small water spray bottle (if painting in Acrylic)
  • Paper Palette (if painting in Acrylic. For oils, I just use the Palm Box palette)
  • Small brush washer (if painting in Oil)
  • Small container of Goop (For cleanup)
  • Viewfinder (Check out for a really great viewfinder)
  • A few miscellaneous items such as sun tan lotion packed in small plastic containers.
  • Camera (Philips Wearable Key010)
  • RayMar 8x10 Panel Carrier which can hold six wet panels. The Open Box M Palm box can hold two wet panels, so I carry this only on days or trips when I might do more than two paintings.

This gives me room to spare to take other items like baseball cap, lunch, etc.

The Palm box holds two wet canvases, so when I paint in oils, I may also take a RayMar 8x10 Panel Carrier which can hold six wet panels. This cramps the sidebags, but I still have plenty room.

Lately, I have wanted to do larger format paintings, so instead of the Pochade Box, I have been carrying my Soltek easel and a wet box in a T-Bag on the back of the bike:

This allows me to do up to a 12x16 size painting.

Below are some pictures of me, the Harley and painting.

Notice the Pochade box, an Open Box M Palm box on the tripod behind the bike.

Painting with the Palm box.

Cool picture taken by a fellow rider.

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